Ranking System

Every division will be ranked. The first RANKING PERIOD will end with the ILLCS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020. The second Ranking Period will start after the World CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020 with the nationals.

As for example, Masters can start in lower age divisions, for example in the mens divisions, they can be ranked in more than one division, all division points will be considered separately.

The ranking and pointing system for the athletes‘ positioning in the world ranking is kept as simple as possible.

1st Place =   3 Points

2nd Place =  2 Points

3rd Place =   1 Point

Absolute Class Points are slightly higher.

1st Place =    4 Points

2nd Place =  3 Points

3rd Place =   2 Points

Value of Championships:

Championships are weighed differently, so the points for the rankings are multiplied with the value of the championships.

ILLCS World Championship Points           x 5

ILLCS European Championship Points     x 3

ILLCS National Championship Points       x 2

You will be ranked in the following divisions:

  1. Brown/ Black (elite level Grappler)
  2. Blue (intermediate Grapplers)/ Purple (advanced grapplers )
  3. White (beginner levels: up to Orange in Luta Livre/ white in BJJ)